September 2016~
The daylilies love it here! They grew so well and the root systems are very well developed. No rot has been experienced much to my relief even though temperatures have been higher than normal with extreme humidity. Luckily it rained a lot.

My new east border garden is getting off to a good start, a mixed border including conifers, perennials, shrubs, annuals and of course, daylilies. It's great to have a garden setting for my intros within the confines of fencing. We are enjoying the great blue herons, mockingbirds (4 new ones hatched and thrived in our rosebush by the house), hummingbirds (which love the cardinal flowers I brought from NY), dragonflies, butterflies galore and the vast wondrous skies.

February 2016 ~
A major move to sunny North Carolina has me quite distracted. So much to do. I can't believe I live in a new beautiful house like this (with no HOA!). The 53" deep Wagram-Troupe sandy loam is easy to dig and a rarity here. It took years of searching and lots of time on the USDA Web Soil Survey. My husband Ted and I took residence December 1, 2015. The daylilies were dug up through the snow last November in New York. I shook the dirt off and put them in large paper leaf bags. Through December they were planted out here. It will to take time to build back up to normal quantities of plants. The seedlings are a bit behind but considering what they went through, are doing fine.


  1. Hi Di, you are not that far away from us anymore! We are in central Virginia, and make it down to North Carolina often. Hope to see your new place soon.

    Margo Reed, Woodhenge Gardens


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