A new line for the future - the WINGMAN series

The new Wingman line will be advancing along for several years to come. I will be using the name Wingman in every introduction in this specific line. Therefore, I would ask that other hybridizers respectfully refrain from using the word 'Wingman' in their registrations. They will be limited in supply. They will not be available for a few years, even if registered.

This line comes after a 13 year period of developing tetraploid patterns and wanting to effectively make improvements:

1) Symmetrical clump arrangement and vigorous, healthy and hardy foliage with frost resistance.

2) Scape height in the range of 30" to 45", straight, and branch in a way that hold the flowers in an attractive, uncluttered manner.

3) Larger, 7.5" or more, open-form flowers. When patterns are not evident in temperatures above 90 degrees, the colors and forms will be pleasing in their own right.

4) Mummies will furl neatly, eliminating the need for constant deadheading. This requires breeding for a more streamlined, naturalistic flower form.

5) Weather resistant flowers will persist reasonably well through sun, rain, and humidity.

6) The plants will be genetically vigorous and on the lower maintenance side, not requiring extra measures of care beyond what the average perennial needs. 

7) Fast transplant recovery for a reliable garden display.

8) Pod and pollen fertility.