hot weather photo

8" flowers | 37" tall, very well-branched scapes | Dormant | Mid-season bloom

Dark red with burgundy eye pattern and green throat. A leathery, masculine fragrance.

seedling x Rainbow Butterfly

The first Wingman registration in this breakout line performs like the wingman of the skies. There is no room for mistakes or impotent rationalizations for why this or that did not function as a highly accomplished entity. Everything depends upon the wingman rising to his utmost potential or all else fails.

No less should be expected as an element in the mixed border or perennial garden.

I wanted to register this one well before introduction to anchor the line. Also I would implore other hybridizers not to use 'Wingman' in their names as I have a long series of Wingmans coming along in the future.

*Not for sale yet.

Wingman scape