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Would any everyday gardener put up with sick looking foliage on tulips, daffodils, irises, peonies or perennials when they emerge in spring? The answer is no. Then why do we, in the AHS, subliminally agree to tolerate the goo-balls and tangled, browned ‘fans’ of Evergreen daylilies upon emergence, throughout most of the country?
When we hybridize with evergreens we get results that will not satisfy anybody who craves beauty and health as an integral part of their existence. What is ornamental gardening for if not the fulfillment of those pure aesthetic energies?  What about the serious gardener who enjoys collecting the latest varieties? It just doesn’t do the WONDERFUL GENUS of Hemerocallis justice.
What are the factors playing into this increasingly shady issue? Money is likely the biggest. Status too. They usually go together. In the 80’s and 90’s several large daylily nurseries were established in central Florida. They set up business and sold very large quantities of evergreen d…