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Smitten Again

Opening flat from the throat to fully display a soft lilac and ivory pattern, Smitten Again has a dreamy presence. The apple green heart is a fine finishing touch. Smitten Again's mom, Answering Angels was put to work as soon as it was introduced in an effort to expand the patterns onto a greater portion of the flower, add some ruffle and edge, and help with the form issues. Sometimes the pattern is simply washed or shows as an applique.

The flatness and presentation, including straight sepals, along with the dormant blue-green foliage which is very neat and attractive in early spring, have made Smitten Again an important addition to my program. The scapes are well built with 3-4 branches and 26 or so buds. Pod fertility is quite good and the pollen is fluffy and fertile, in fact, you can assume my daylilies have normal pollen and at least average pod fertility. I have no patience for low out-of-doors fertility. 2014 intro.

6" flowers
28" scapes
Mid season bloom


In a 1937 movie starring William Powell and Myrna Loy, the word Yumph was used to express passion and verve. I can watch any movie starring this couple over and over, likely because of the Yumph factor. I feel like saying Yumph whenever I see this large, juicy grape pattern, and it's a fun word to say. Try it. The base is pale cornmeal and the chartreuse throat is the perfect touch. Linen white breaks in the pattern are stronger on the sepals. Metallic glints appear at times, especially on rebloom. I made many hundreds of seeds from Heavy Metal a long while back, which is probably in its background.

While the pattern in the two close-ups is not always this strenuous I could not resist showing photos of Yumph's best efforts. Sometimes there is just a lowly eye on display but this is Yumph taking a short rest. Bear in mind that patterns are more fully expressed a year or two after planting when the roots are well established.

Patterns are known for their tendency to canoe and cu…

Velvet Manners

Velvet Manners is composed of tertiaries of red: Grumbacher red light, chestnut, cherry and plummy reds. Hot temperatures result in lighter chestnut tones while cooler weather brings out rich, velvety tones more on the cherry side. Bourbon trim defines the petals AND sepals. It has been a useful parent in the pursuit of flat faced, nicely shaped red patterns. The good manners come in to play where cool morning opening is concerned. It's so nice to see those wide open flowers early in the day.

The clump is well shaped with bright green foliage. Sturdy, erect scapes are well branched and prolific over a long period. A hardy evergreen, Velvet Manners has improved and expanded with the passing years up north. My seedlings are grown in a low site in heavy soil where freezing slush accumulates in the winter, so it's survival of the fittest. Fertility is high, in fact there were 24 seeds in one pod, a cross with Totem and Taboo. Diana Grenfell is a grandparent. 2014 intro.


seedling photo

Four Beasts in One kids


If you could make a daylily giggle it would look like Ticklish. This union between Four Beasts in One and Fantasy Eyes resulted in a pattern with purple ripples and an inner rim of stonewashed blue. The base color is cream to buff. Metallic glints show up occasionally to add to the gaiety of this daylily.

The emerging fans sport red stockings and this trait has passed on to many of its kids. Ticklish makes prolifs naturally. Excellent pod fertility and very good pollen. 2014 intro.

5.5" flowers
31" scapes
Semi evergreen
Early bloom
3 branches, 18 buds

Fantasy Eyes x Four Beasts in One

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